Exporting and Importing Contacts

  • Exporting First Class Contacts into Google Contacts

  • Log into your First Class mail.

  • Select File --> Open Contacts. Highlight all contacts except mail lists.

  • Select File --> Export.

  • Choose: Export these items: selected contacts. Contacts export format: vCard (.vcf). Select OK.

  • Navigate to your Desktop to save the file. There is no need to change the default file name, just make note of it for import.

  • Log into Google Drive (yourname@haverfordsd.net).
  • In your Google Apps (array of squares)  screen shot   select ContactsGoogle Contacts
  • Go to More. Use the drop down menu to select Import. A window will appear which gives you the following directions: Please select a CSV file to upload. Choose the file from your Desktop that you saved in the previous step and Import.

  • All your contacts will be imported!


  •  Create a group email list
Open your Google Email.

On the upper left, select Mail --> Contacts
screen shot screen shot
On the left navigation of the Contact window select New Group...
     • Name the group, just as you would have a mail list
     • Select the newly created group on the left navigation
     • Select the +group icon to add members to the group
     • Type the names of members you would like to add to the group
     • Select add when complete.
     • Open a new message, type your group name in the "To:" field

screen shot