Welcome back to the class of 2017! I hope that you had a relaxing summer and are ready to embark on your sophomore year of high school. Sophomore year is an exciting time. You have begun to establish an awareness of what you need to be successful, both in and out of the classroom. As sophomores you have the opportunity to lay down a strong foundation for all of your future successes. We cannot predict all of the great accomplishments that you will achieve, but the best way to predict the future is to create it.  Be sure to challenge yourself in the classroom and get involved outside the classroom.  We are here to help you be successful in all of your endeavors, so stop into the office with any questions or concerns or just to say hi.  I wish you all luck and look forward to working with each of you.


Natalya Adelizzi

Assistant Principal, Class of 2017

610-853-5900 x. 2521


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