Potter Cup 2015!
Potter Cup 2015 Wrap Up

On January 23rd, Haverford again hosted a very success Potter Cup. Over 1800 students attended this year and had great time cheering on their teams, playing the games, using the photo booth, eating and getting to know students from Paxon Hollow.

We raised $ 39,142.00 for Alex’s Lemonade Foundation bringing our 10 year total to $ 366,800.

Thank you for your help in making for another successful Potter Cup. Paxon Hollow won the cup, winning the boy’s basketball game and the wrestling match.

Special Package Winners:
1) Pot Luck - Winterbottom Family (from Paxon Hollow)
2) Cape May - Wiedeman Family
3) Phillies - Reese Family
4) New York - Gray Family

Last Modified on February 8, 2015